Laboratory of electromigration methods

This laboratory is focused on research and developmnet of new electromigration techniques and its applications. Details can be found on laboratory's website.

The main areas of the research in the Laboratory of electromigration methods are:

- the development of capillary electromigration methods
- the development and study of separations of enantiomers
- study and implementation of conductivity detection for capillary electrophoresis
- study and using ionic and non-ionic additives to background electrolytes
- mathematical modeling of electromigration separation process
- analysis of microorganisms and cells
- study and implementation of nanoparticles in capillary electrophoresis
- the development and study of on-line preconcentration techniques
- the development of new separation techniques based on hyphenation of capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometry
- the use of capillary electrophoresis with laser induced fluorescence detection

Contact person:
Assoc. prof. RNDr. Jan PETR, Ph.D.
Phone: +420-585 634 416
E-mail: jan.petr(at)

prof. RNDr. Juraj ŠEVČÍK, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Jan PETR, Ph.D.

Ph.D. students:

Mgr. Daniel BARON
Mgr. Petra ŠVECOVÁ

Laboratory equipment:

- CE Agilent
- CE-MS Agilent
- CE-qqqMS Agilent
- CE with contactless conductivity detector
- Capillary isotachophoresis - preparative system
- Electrophoretic analyser EA 202 A
- Laser induced fluorescence detector Picometrics