Laboratory of spectral methods

Researchers and students in this laboratory are focused on fundamental and applied research in atomic and molecular spectrometry. They mainly deal with biological and clinical samples.

Main fields of research interest:

- study of distribution of physiologically important and toxical metals in biological samples
- laser ablation analysis of geological samples
- trace elemntal analysis in clinical samples
- determination of total antioxidant activity in beverages
- determination of selected drugs and its metabolites in clinical samples by Raman spectrometry
- study of tissues by Raman microscopy
- study of foodstuff and food additives by vibrational spectrometry

Contact person:
Assoc. Prof. Ing. David MILDE, Ph.D.
Phone: +420-585 634 443
E-mail: david.milde(at)

Assoc. Prof. Ing. David MILDE, Ph.D.

Ph.D. students:

Mgr. Tomáš OPLETAL

Laboratory equipment:

ICP-MS spectrometer Agilent 7700x (Agilent, Japan)
ICP-TOF-MS spectrometer Optimass 9500 (GBC, Australia)
Laser ablation Analyte G2 (Photon Machines, USA)
FT-IR spectrometer Nicolet 6700 with Raman module (Thermo, USA) and Raman Microstage
Raman spectrometer iRamanPlus (532 nm) (BWTek, Germany)
Atomic absorption spectrometer SavantAA (GBC, Australia)
UV/VIS spectrophotometer Lambda 25 (Perkin Elmer, USA)
Microwave digestion unit Uniclever II (Plazmatronika, Poland)
Microwave digestion unit MLS 1200 Mega (Milsestone, Italy)
Microwave digestion unit UltraWAVE (Milestone, Italy)
XPS spectrometer VersaProbe II (PHI, USA)