Educational activities

The Department of Analytical Chemistry educates specialists - bachelors of chemistry and masters of analytical chemistry. The graduates of the master programme can achieve a doctoral degree (RNDr., Ph.D.). The department takes part in overseeing the professorial proceedings. We also participate in education of secondary school teachers of chemistry.

Staff members give lectures in analytical for other departments of the Faculty of Science: Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biophysics, and Department of Ecology & Environmental Sciences.

Staff members consist of 6 professors (including three emeritus), 9 associate professors, assistant professors and doctoral students.

Long-term specialization in analytical chemistry is the analysis of organic compounds and its residues in the environment with application of modern instrumental methods.

Our students are educated in all chemistry branches. Analytical chemistry embodies instrumental techniques, organic and inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, chemometrics,and other chemical fields.