GMP certified lab - Department of Analytical Chemistry

R-lab: chemical analysis according to your wishes

Know-how, research and analysis in GMP certified control laboratory (certificate from the State Institute for Drug Control) and top instrumentation destines R-lab for solving of complicated research and development issues,carrying out demanding physical-chemical measurements for industrial partnes, medical companies, and other R&D workplaces. The laboratory ensures application of up-to-date research findings and top analytical instrumentation while solving tasks of pharmaceutical analysis. 

R-lab can offer:
Pharmaceutical analysis under GMP including method development, method validation and routine measurements
Determination of elemental impurities in various samples by ICP-MS
HPLC with UV or MS detection for analysis of major components in various samples
HPLC with UV or MS detection for analysis of trace organic impurities in various samples
Structure elucidation of unknow impurities
Solubility and degradation studies
Risk analysis and other GMP documents preparation
Consultation, workshops, trainings

The laboratory manages modern and unique instrumentation:
HPLC with UV-Vis detector (Acquity UPLC I-class, Waters)
Liquid chromatograph with tandem mass spectrometer (triple quad Xevo-TQS)
ICP-MS (Agilent 7700x)
Microwave digestion units (Milestone ULTRAWave, Milestone MLS 1200 mega, Uniclever II)