PhD study - Department of Analytical Chemistry
Doctoral Study Programme of Analytical Chemistry

The study is focused on understanding of fundamentals of analytical processes allowing to solve effectively broad spectrum of analytical problems. The student acquaints with information technologies to be able to acquire valid information as well as to exchange new knowledge and experience. Attention is paid to development of abilities of synthesis of knowledge and critical experiment evaluation. Besides practical skills to use modern analytical techniques (separation, spectral, electrochemical etc.) including highly sophisticated instruments for solution of different tasks (quantitative analysis, structural analysis etc.) the competences to develop new analytical procedures for complicated samples (biological systems e.g. identification of metabolites, chiral discrimination, study of peptides or protein interaction with small molecules, evaluation of authenticity of food, detection of illegal manipulation with controlled substances as drugs or chemical weapon precursors) as well as the competences to participate in construction of new analytical devices are cultivated. Development of language skills necessary for scientific communication covering publication in prominent scientific journals as well as presentations in international scientific meetings is required as a part of the studies.

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