GMP certified lab - Department of Analytical Chemistry

R-lab: chemical analysis according to your wishes

Know-how, research and analysis in GMP certified control laboratory (certificate from the State Institute for Drug Control) and top instrumentation destines R-lab for solving of complicated research and development issues,carrying out demanding physical-chemical measurements for industrial partnes, medical companies, and other R&D workplaces. The laboratory ensures application of up-to-date research findings and top analytical instrumentation while solving tasks of pharmaceutical analysis. 

R-lab can offer:
Analytical methods development based on customer's request
Analysis of pharmaceuticals under good manufacturing practice (GMP) conditions
Contract analytical-control operation under GMP scope
Analytical methods development of chiral substances
Elemental impurities analysis (based on ICH-Q3D)
Speciation elemental analysis (HPLC-ICP-MS, CE-ICP-MS)
Analytical operation in fields not requesting GMP

The laboratory manages modern and unique instrumentation:
HPLC with UV-Vis detector (Acquity UPLC I-class, Waters)
Liquid chromatograph with tandem mass spectrometer (triple quad Xevo-TQS)
High resolution mass spectrometer with ion mobility measurement (Synapt G2S)
ICP-MS (Agilent 7700x, Optimass 9500)
Microwave digestion units (Milestone ULTRAWave, Milestone MLS 1200 mega, Uniclever II)
Laser ablation (Analyte G2)